How do you hand? How do you arm?

Anyway, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, requested by toygirlreview.

I apologize for the messiness and such; I had to look at multiple sources since I don’t watch the show and my pen kept wiggling and moving while I drew over the pencil. :(

i hope you like it anyway!




Hey guys I have a question, what animal made these tracks? I have cat food out for some stray cats in my neighborhood and I know these aren’t cat prints because they’re too large. They are about the size of my hand. They can’t be opossum or raccoon either because again, too small. So what are these?

looks canine to me

Turns out you were right. I spotted a very large stray dog in my neighborhood today. Tried to get it to come over to me but it wouldn’t. I can tell the dog is rather old because it has some grey face going on….Poor thing…I just wanted to take it to the no kill shelter and get it out of the cold and rain.

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